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My 1st two years in the Dominican Republic, I taught 6th grade at Las Palmas Christian School as the main part of my ministry. However, I have been burdened for the women and girls in the country that are at risk of sex trafficing since my 1st short-term trip in 2015. The lifestyle is one of extreme abuse and trauma, and it is happening to girls 4 years old and younger! In the summer of 2019, I knew that God was calling me to leave the classroom and focus on the ministries where He was burdening my heart. I completed this last school year, and began asking the Lord to open doors for me to work in 3 specific ministries in the Dominican Republic where this work had already begun. 


Lifehouse Girls Home is a home of 8 girls in the care of Dominican foster parents. They work with the government agency, CONANI, to give the girls proper care and attention. The Lord has given me the amazing opportunity to be part of the first board of directors for the home. In addition, I am able to visit weekly to help with a Bible study/discipleship program along with two other missionaries in the area. We also are responsible for planning monthly activities for the girls to be able to experience life as a family outside of the home.

New Hope Girls is another girls ministry that the Lord has opened up for me. With New Hope, I am able to travel across the island once a month to spend the weekend with up to 20 girls, ages 4-18. There I am able to just be intentional about spending time with the girls and ministering to their staff. We play. We cook. We laugh. We dance. But, most of all, we just love. It’s a time for them to find healing and growth from knowing that they are loved and deeply cared for.

MERCY Jewelry is an organization that began reaching the women who were working the streets of San Pedro de Macoris, my hometown. Through MERCY, I am able to focus on the women in my community. I spend time each week with our outreach team, in Bible studies at the workshop, and on social media advocating for the women we serve. It is where I spend the majority of my time ministering.

Both MERCY and New Hope have women’s workshops that sustain their ministries. I currently act as a brand advocate for each ministry. Throughout the year, I am able to bring jewelry from MERCY and hand bags from New Hope to sell in the United States. The commission from my sales helps keep me supported to live in the DR, and the proceeds of each product makes a huge difference in the lives of the women and girls we serve!  Take a look at and and use my name at check out, or contact me to learn about hosting a party from the comfort of your own home!

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