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We rise by lifting others.

...for with the measure you use

it will be measured back to you.

The title is cliché, I know... I bought a shirt that says it from someone's online, boutique party one time before the phrase got more popular. I'm one of those people that loves a new, catchy quote until it becomes house decor. (Sorry all you "LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE"-rs.) Anyway, cliché as it may be, it's true. The Bible says in Luke 6:38, "Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” When we help others, we always get the blessing.

It looks different for all of us. The help I can offer someone may not be the help you can offer them. Probably one of the coolest things about help is that each of us can offer it, and it can't really be used up. Of course, finances run out and food will get eaten. Gas burns up and wells run dry, but there is a kind of help we all have to offer: our ability to just be there for someone. Sometimes, just knowing there is another who has our best interests a heart can be of great comfort in this life.

Most days they face forward and work hard.

But not today.

This week, at MERCY Workshop, there was a lot going on. Our director has been out of the city. One of our women has been working from home because she hasn't been able to find child care. Another has been absent to care for her sick daughter. One is really struggling with some personal needs. It's just been an abnormal week, to say the least. But Monday was a beautiful day. We were ending the day with only 4 women working. I looked up to find them sitting in pairs at each others tables. One table specifically caught my attention as it was two women that don't always get along. They usually sit by themselves at 2 separate work stations, one just ahead of the other. Most days they face forward and work hard. But not today.

They were still working, but one of our veteran workers had moved her chair to the other side of the table of the woman she usually gets annoyed with. She was helping her straighten out and trim up a new style of earrings we have. They were just talking as if they have always been the best of friends. We always wrap up the day in prayer. This time, I read that quote to them in Spanish. "Subimos al elevar a otros.." - "We rise by lifting others." I told them how nice it was to look up and see them, sisters in Christ, sitting together and enjoying the company of one another as they worked. One of them said, "I usually look at the clock and can't believe it's still not time to go home, but, today, I didn't even need to look." By helping her co-worker, she was able to find that she, herself, was being helped.

We are not meant to go the road alone all of the time.

There are so many Bible verses that speak to friendship and good company. Job had friends in the most grievous of times. Naomi found Ruth to be of comfort. Jesus walked with 12 men during the ups and downs of his life. While there are definite times the Lord has isolated me to be able to remember that He, alone, will sustain me, we are not meant to go the road alone all of the time. However, it usually isn't that we should look for a friend to join us. Rather, we should just look for someone who needs help and walk along side them instead.

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